What does dependent VISA stamping entail? What is the cost and how can I do it? What do you require and where should you do it?

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When you are required to sponsor dependents under you under a new work agreement, the process begins. Typically, the persons you can sponsor through this process are family members who rely on you for all of their daily needs. There are two different service kinds that fall under this procedure of renewing and applying for a new VISA, and they both follow essentially the same stages. The required costs and VISA term differ (One to three years). You can stamp a new VISA on the dependents once your own process is complete and you are qualified to sponsor them. This article describes the steps involved and how Amer Center will support them.

If the dependents have previously held a VISA, their application must be renewed. They will require a new VISA if they haven’t already done so. They will require an entry permit for the new VISA stamping. The only additional document required for a new Visa stamping as opposed to a renewal is the entry permit (Click here to observe the process).

The processes below apply to both renewing and applying for a new VISA. Ensure that you have successfully completed the emirates ID and medical processes (Click here to see the process). The dependent must provide their passport and the sponsor’s authentic Emirates ID.

Let’s respond to the remaining questions now that we have a better understanding of the procedure.

You can either come to our Amer Center, which is located at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais), right adjacent to Dubai’s immigration services, or you can get in touch with us by visiting the link provided below.

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Steps & procedure for VISA stamping

Step 1:
  • The Sponsor must be a valid Emirates ID holder and satisfy all of the requirements for obtaining his own visa and residency. After that, he or she will be able to sponsor anyone who is listed underneath them.
Step 2:
  • If you are applying for a new VISA, be sure to have the old VISA on your passport or an entry permission. Additionally, prior to this process, the dependents had to finish the medical emirates ID typing.
Step 3:
  • To start your application by messaging us on WhatsApp. Submit all documents as a soft copy.
Step 4:
  • You must then go to our Amer Center, which is located right adjacent to the immigration office at DAFZA HQ. where you will submit all the necessary paperwork (please cross check the document checklist below).
Step 5:
  • There is an additional price for urgent applications, which is listed below.
Step 6:
  • Wait for us to finish stamping the documents before coming to our center to pick them up.

What are the Documents needed for VISA stamping? (Document Checklist)

  1. Original Passport of dependent –
    1. This is an official travel document issued by a government of your country that contains your identity. It enables you to travel from one country to another.
  2. Entry Permit –
    1. This is a document that lets you enter the country
    2. If you do not have or to know, more click here
  3. VISA Document –
    1. This is a pdf file that you will receive by email when you have entered the country.
  4. Sponsors Emirates ID
    1. For Family, it means the emirates ID for the family sponsor
  5. Dependent Medical & Emirates ID form
    1. These are forms you receive when you apply for a new VISA.

How much does it cost to stamp a visa for family members and dependents?


  1. One Year – 360 AED
    1. Urgent – 440 AED
  2. Two years – 460 AED
    1. Urgent – 540 AED
  3. Three Years – 560 AED (only for Partners) & 50 + for each dependent
    1. Urgent – 640 AED

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