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Amer Center - The information desk you've been looking for is in Amer Center!

Have you ever wondered how to acquire a golden visa? What happens if you misplace your Emirates ID? Or how can you obtain a fresh entry permit for your family?

UAE is a rapidly developing nation that welcomes many residents from throughout the world. It in turn requests numerous passport-related needs. What are these specifications? How do you finish the process of stamping your documents with the entry permit? How can you grant your grandmother a visit visa if you wish to call her to the United Arab Emirates? These and other inquiries are on the minds of everyone in the UAE. When you phone a travel agency, they'll probably end up charging you a lot of money. when it dawns on you? It was less expensive to use a government facility.

Because we give you all the information and online services through our 24x7 Amer center, you can skip all this bother. Yes, it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority is the ideal location. At DAFZA, we offer excellent customer service and immigration services all in one location. Additionally, we have a cutting-edge web platform. You can now walk in and take advantage of a wide range of services, including corporate services, visa services, offshore business formation, UK company setup, and more.

The establishment of this center coincides with the opening of typing facilities in Karama, Al Qusais, the nearby Madina Mall, Al Twar, and DAFZA. To ensure prompt and effective service delivery, these facilities cooperate. We will give you all the details, including the how to, where to start, what to bring, and which documents are required. Since we have a fantastic customer care team that is knowledgeable about all the processes. You can call our helpline number and ask any question (inset Contact us link here). Additionally, there are nearby GDFRA and immigration services. You can come to Amer Center (DAFZA) for all of your needs, so there's no need to go elsewhere.

Our Approach

We at DAFZA (Dubai Airport FreeZone Area) want to provide you with all the knowledge you need to navigate the UAE. This Amer Center is prepared to assist you through our excellent customer support via phone, WhatsApp, email, or any other technologies. Even better, come see us. Before you come, get in touch with us so we can help you with the necessary formalities, paperwork, and protocols.

Time is valuable. With us, you won't waste any time.

Time is precious. You wont waste a minute with us. 

Contact us. 

Our Mission

We have observed that customers are not informed about the various service procedures in the UAE. Therefore, we continued to put information first, communication second, and You first.

We want to excel at serving you.

You Are the priority 

A Look into Amer Center, Dubai Airport Freezone Area (DAFZA)

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Popular Questions

At Amer Center, we accept all types of payments (Card or Cash). Our Services will soon have payment options via Email.

So stay Tuned. 

We work hand in hand with UAE authorities to ensure your data is safely and securely used by the Amer Center to provide you with the service required.  

Yes, Our WhatsApp service is ready to respond to your requests as soon as possible. 

We provide all the valuable information to you through our dedicated WhatsApp team. 

Rest assured the Amer Team at DAFZA will keep your needs at the forefront and respond to you. 

The duration of ID cards, passports & other documents summited is subjected to each service. So, it isn’t required to submit the passport & other documents for all the services in the Amer Center. 

Furthermore, before submitting any documents or visiting the Amer Center at DAFZA (Dubai Airport Freezone Area). Please contact us for the information on the services. We will advise you on which documents are required and for what. 

If you need more information you can read about the most common services in our services section.  

Yes, for some of our services you can get the final document delivered to your home.

Yes, all our staff are fully vaccinated and avidly take all the precautions mentioned by the government of UAE to ensure the safety and security of our citizens.