Did you lose your emirates ID? Why is it important for you to get it? How much is it & how to retrieve it? Where to do it and what all do you need?

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There isn’t a need to worry when you lose your emirates ID since you can print a new one. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a very good record of all the ID’s and have set up their processes so it can easily be done by anyone. The process mentioned below can be used if you suspect it has been stolen or robbed, the card has damaged (the chips don’t work) and lastly, if you have misplaced it and can’t find it (you lost it).

The emirates ID is the most important document and identification format in the UAE. This card is important for opening a bank account, getting a DEWA account, applying for a driver’s license and much more. So, when you face any of the issues mentioned above you will have to follow the steps below from the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity (ICA).

The first thing you will have to do is report the incident in the nearest ICA customer happiness center. This will immediately deactivate the old emirates ID and you will receive an ID confirmation (A copy of the lost EID) after requesting it from them. In the case you have damaged the card, or the chip isn’t working bring the defective card with you when reporting it to the ICA. Additionally, you must get your original passport with you (with the resident VISA Stamping) or if you have any other documents that’s states you claim to the emirates ID please bring those along too.

The types of residents in UAE will affect the process. A GCC national must provide additional documents for proof. A UAE national must bring their current passport and their family book. An expat must bring the stamped UAE residency permit on their original passport. If you are a child under 15 the parents must bring a passport photo (with white background) along with their birth certificate.

Now that it is established that you need a new card. The Next step for you will be to apply a new ID card or ID replacement. Fill an E-form on the ICA website/app and request for the replacement or fill in the application over the counter at the ICA nearest to you. For an easier process you can apply through us by WhatsApp. All that must be done is submit the documents mentioned above on WhatsApp.

The fees for conducting this can be given over the counter to one of our agents. The fees will be an all-inclusive amount of AED 340.  After which you can either collect the emirates ID or it can be delivered to you after 48 hours of submitting the replacement application.


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