What is VISA Stamping, how is it done, how much does it cost, where can you do it, and what documents are required?

The Information you need

This article highlights the process behind it and how Amer Center will assist in this process. This process occurs after you enter into an agreement with a new company, so you essentially come under a new labor/employment contract, and after that, you will have to stamp a newly issued VISA on your passport.


If you previously worked in the UAE and need to switch from an old VISA to a new one, or if you are arriving from another nation (for which you will need an entry permit). A few documents are required to finish this process. You also need to complete the medical and Emirates ID procedures (Click here to see the process). You will also need to provide the sponsors with original identification and submit your passport, your previous entry permit or VISA (click here to view the process). The length of the VISA is another factor that will have an immediate impact on the application costs. The most common durations (offered only to spouses) are two and three years. Additionally, you can ask for expedited passport stamping, which will increase the costs and shorten the process considerably.


Let’s respond to the remaining questions now that we have a better understanding of the procedure.


You can either come to our Amer Center, which is located at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais), right adjacent to Dubai’s immigration services, or you can get in touch with us by visiting the link provided below.

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Steps & procedure for VISA stamping

Step 1:
  • Prior to this process, make sure you have an entry permit and have finished the medical emirates ID typing.
Step 2:
  • To start your application, message us on WhatsApp. Submit all documents in electronic form.
Step 3:
  • You must then go to our Amer Center, which is located right adjacent to the immigration office at DAFZA HQ. where you will submit all the necessary paperwork (please cross check the document checklist below).
Step 4:
  • There is an additional price for urgent applications, which is listed below.
Step 5:
  • Wait for us to finish stamping the documents before coming to our center to pick them up.

What are the Documents needed for? (A Checklist)

  1. Original Passport –
    1. This is a legitimate travel document that represents your identification and was issued by the government of your nation. You can use it to go from one nation to another.
  2. Entry Permit –
    1. You can enter the nation with this document.
    2. If you want to learn more or don’t have it, click here.
  3. VISA Document –
    1. Once you have arrived in the nation, you will receive an email with a pdf copy of this document.
  4. Sponsors Emirates ID
    1. For Company It means the emirates ID of the person who is employing you.
    2. For Family, it means the emirates ID for the family sponsor
  5. Sponsor Passport
    1. For Company It means the passport of the person who is employing you.
    2. For Family, it means the passport for the family sponsor

      How much are these services going to cost?

How much are these services going to cost?

VISA Stamping for company

  1. 2 years – 495 AED
    1. Urgent – 575 AED
  2. 3 Years – 845 AED (only for Partners)
    1. Urgent – 925 AED

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