How to get Tourist visa in Dubai?

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For getting the Tourist VISA of UAE, we will first have to know which nationality are you. Based on which you will have to follow different steps.  So, to make it easier. We have answered the question on how to get your tourist VISA.

You can contact us directly either for more information or directly apply with the link given below. Some nationalities are exempt from applying in other words, it is free VISA on arrival. They can get into the country based on their nationality. Such countries are USA, UAE, UK and a few other European nationalities. (To know more speak with us through the link below)(Or Visit us at Al Tawar / Twar, Quisais, Dafza).

The nationalities that aren’t included for entry VISA have two options.  Apply directly for the tourist VISA. Which would require documents like your Passport (front & back) and passport size photo. There are some countries for which a background check will be required. They will have to send the above documents and see if they can apply for a tourist VISA. To see where you stand based on your passports. Please follow the instructions below for more information.

Click here to see if you are exempted (insert Whatsap link)

Steps & procedure for Tourist VISA

Step 1:
  • Contact us to see which category you fall under (3 categories) & for what duration you would want the VISA (1 or 3 months)
Step 2:
  • If you fall under Visa on arrival.
    • You are exempt from any payment and can receive a VISA from the airport when you arrive in the country.
  • If you can apply.
    • You will have to send your Passport Copy Front & back and your passport size photo. You will be required to pay an amount. Since it depends on your nationality. The fee would be communicated to you along with a payment link.
  • If you require a background check.
    • You will have to send the documents (passport & passport photo). After which you will be instructed to follow some steps that will be communicated to you by the Amer center agent.
Step 3:
  • If your VISA is approved. Then you will receive the payment link for the document. Once the payment is made. You would receive the necessary document by email.  (this step isn’t required if you are eligible for VISA on arrival.
Step 4:
  • Book your tickets and welcome to UAE.

What are the Documents Needed for VISA?

  1. Passport –
    1. Front page; this is the page that includes your name, date of birth, date of issue, country of issue & other necessary details
    2. Back Page; This is usually the last page on the passport which has the parents & wife’s name. It also has the exact address of birth and other necessary information.
  2. Passport Size Photo
    1. This is a normal JPEG photo that should be under 2 MB & have a white background.

How much or what is the Price of the service?

  • The price range depends on nationality. It can be free or paid.

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Do you have any other inquiries for Tourist VISA?

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