How to get Tourist visa in Dubai?

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We must first find out your nationality in order to obtain a tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates. which will determine the measures you must take. Hence, to make it simpler. The query regarding how to obtain a tourist VISA has been addressed.


With the link provided below, you may reach out to us directly for further information or to apply right away. Some nationalities do not need to apply; in other words, they can get their visas for free when they arrive. Based on their nationality, they can enter the country. These nations include the USA, the UAE, the UK, and a few other ethnicities of Europe. (To learn more, contact us via the link below.) (Or stop by Al Tawar / Twar, Quisais, or Dafza.)


There are two possibilities for the nationalities that aren’t eligible for entry VISA. Directly apply for a tourist VISA. This calls for identification such as a passport (front and back) and a passport-sized photograph. There are several nations where a background check is necessary. They must provide the aforementioned paperwork and check to see if they qualify for a tourist VISA. depending on your passports, to determine your position. If you would like further information, kindly follow the directions below.


To find out if you are exempt, contact us on the WhatsApp Link below.

Steps & procedure for Tourist VISA

Step 1:
  • Contact us to see which category you fall under (3 categories) & for what duration you would want the VISA (1 or 3 months)
Step 2:
  • if you are eligible for a Visa on Arrival.
    • When you arrive in the nation, you can get a VISA at the airport without having to pay anything.
  • If you are eligible.
    • You must transmit a copy of your passport from the front and back as well as a passport-size photo. There will be a fee that you must pay. given that it is based on your nationality. You would be informed of the charge and given a payment link.
  • If you need a background investigation.
    • You must send the required paperwork (passport & passport photo). The Amer center agent will next give you instructions on how to carry out a series of actions.
Step 3:
  • Assuming your VISA gets accepted. The document payment link will then be sent to you. when the payment has been paid. The required papers would be sent to you via email. If you are qualified for a VISA on arrival, this step is not necessary.
Step 4:
  • Book your tickets and welcome to UAE.

What are the Documents Needed for VISA?

  1. Passport –
    1. Front page: This page contains your name, birthdate, issue date, country of issuance, and other pertinent information.
    2. Back Page: This is typically the last page of the passport and contains information such as the wife’s name, the exact address of birth, and other crucial details.
  2. Passport Size Photo
    1. This is a typical JPEG photo with a white background that shouldn’t be more than 2 MB in size.

How much or what is the Price of the service?

  • The price range varies. It can be free or paid.

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Do you have any other inquiries for Tourist VISA?

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