Investors Golden VISA: What is it? What is the cost and how can I do it? What do you require and where should you do it?

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A 10-year VISA may be obtained for selected people under the Golden VISA program, which the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently implemented. The eligible population has been segmented based on occupations and contributions to the nation. for assisting the nation during the pandemic’s global crisis. Doctors that offer extraordinary care and put their lives in danger for UAE citizens have achieved eligibility. The government made the decision to allow them to apply for the 10-year VISA. The following part is for the UAE’s future students. Students who performed exceptionally well in school, college, and in their intellectual endeavors are also qualified for the golden VISA. Last but not least, for investors, managers, or business owners who have made significant economic contributions. They are qualified for a ten-year VISA.

Let’s respond to the remaining questions now that we have a better understanding of what the “golden VISA” is.

There are a few steps to applying for and getting a Golden VISA, which is a fantastic program. In addition, other documents are needed, and they vary depending on the category. You must first determine whether you qualify for the golden VISA. To find out if you qualify for a doctor’s golden visa, a student visa, a manager visa, or an investor visa, you can WhatsApp us.


The application process is different depending on whether you work in a free zone or on the mainland. A company audit report, company bank accounts for the previous six months, VAT payments for the previous year, and the DED license—or the free zone license, if the firm is set up in a Free Zone—must be sent if you are an investor. You must also submit documentation like your original passport, original Emirates ID, health insurance, and a passport-sized photo, regardless of which category you fall under.


Once you have all of these documents, you can only apply for a golden VISA through an approved center. All sorts of golden VISA applications can be submitted through Our Amer Center, an authorized service provider. It is located at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais), right near to Dubai’s immigration services, or you can contact us directly to check for eligibility by clicking on the link provided below.


Click the Whatsapp link below to apply or for further information.

Steps & procedure for Investors Golden VISA

Step 1:
  • To find out if you qualify for a Golden VISA, gather the documents listed on the document checklist and get in touch with us.
Step 2:
  • You will be advised of any additional processes depending on the type of Golden VISA you have applied for.
Step 3:
  • Once your eligibility has been verified, visit our Amer center in DAFZA HQ, close to the GDFRA immigration office, to submit an application.
Step 4:
  • Relax and spend the next ten years in the UAE..

What are the Documents needed for Investors Golden VISA?


  1. Original Passport –
    1. This is a legitimate travel document that represents your identification and was issued by the government of your nation. You can use it to go from one nation to another.
  2. Trade License of Company, Free zone, or Mainland
    1. This license certifies that the business is authorized to conduct business in the nation.
  3. Emirates ID:
    1. The card you get after submitting a VISA application proving your residency in the UAE.
  4. Medical Insurance:
    1. a card that connects to your Emirates ID and provides partial or full coverage for your medical costs.
  5. Passport Size photo:
    1. An image with a white backdrop that is commonly used for applications and will appear on the new VISA paperwork.
  6. Attested Highschool/University Degree:
    1. This is your high school or university degree that states you have received a certain grade for studying.
    2. The document is attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs for an equivalency certificate
  7. Auditor’s report:
    1. This is a report that is issued by an auditor that claims and states the company’s financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are free from material misstatement.
  8. NOC Letter from company:
    1. This is a No Objection Certificate issued by the company which communicates that you have the permission from the company to go ahead with this application
  9. Salary Certificate or Labor contract:
    1. This document records the current agreement you have with the company.
    2. It usually states the salary and the terms of your agreement
  10. Bank statement:
    1. This is a statement that shows the money in your current bank account

How much does the Golden Visa cost?

  • Investors-Golden-VISA-Amer-Center-DAFZA-AL-Twar-Qusais-cost.webpStudents Golden VISA: 2790
  • Doctors Golden VISA: 2790
  • Manager Golden VISA: 2790
  • Investors Golden VISA: 2790



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