What is Fine reduction for companies ? How to do it & how much is it? Where to do it and what all do you need?

All the Information you need

Fine reduction is the process for wavering off any fines that a person or company holds on their name/ID/passport or on their dependent’s documents. The fines that can be waivered are based on the change of status and the fines upon renewal. Now that we have understood what it is let us answer the rest of the questions. For the fines faced upon renewal you will need to submit the companies trade license, establishment card, NOC or the letterhead and the sponsor ID copy (front & back). Lastly, for fines that occur when there is a change of status from one company to the other. You will have to submit the new offer letter or the newly stamped visa, the company NOC, your sponsors ID copy (front & back) & the trade license.

You will have to visit our Amer Center which is situated right next to the immigration services of Dubai at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais) or you can contact us directly by clicking on the link given below.

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Steps & procedure for fine reduction for the company

Step 1:
  • Contact us on WhatsApp and submit all the required documents.
Step 2:
  • Visit our Amer Center at DAFZA HQ next to the GDFRA immigration and submit the documents required.
Step 3:
  • If your request has been accepted you will be guided in the center after the application.

What are the Documents needed for fine reduction?

  1. Original Passport –
    1. This is an official travel document issued by a government of your country that contains your identity. It enables you to travel from one country to another.
  2. Salary Certificate or Labor contract:
    1. This document records the current agreement you have with the company.
    2. It usually states the salary and the terms of your agreement
  3. Sponsor NOC (Reason):
    1. This is a No Objection Certificate that states the reason for reduction in Fines.
  4. Sponsors Emirates ID
    1. For Company It means the emirates ID of the person who is employing you.
  5. Establishment card
    1. This is a card issued by the company to help with immigration. Since it complies with the GDFRA rules for helping with hiring of new people by the company.
  6. NOC Letter from company:
    1. This is a No Objection Certificate issued by the company which communicates that you have the permission from the company to go ahead with this application.
  7. VISA Offer Letter – (applicable for change of status)
    1. This is the new offer letter you have received for changing your job from the old to the new one.

How much is the price for these services

The price fine reductions are – 275 AED





Do you have any other inquiries for Fine Reduction?

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