What is medical & emirates ID typing? How to do it & how much is it? Where to do it and what all do you need?

All The information You need

These two services go hand in hand. Medical typing is a service that is done to get a few medical tests done. This is usually to check your medical fitness levels. On the other hand, emirates ID typing usually involves getting personal information from the applicant so the VISA can be stamped, and the ID can be printed. Now that we have understood what it is. There are a couple of steps involved that differ based on renewal or applying for a new VISA in the Emirates. The documents you will be submitting for both are similar. That is, original passport, passport sized photo, visa copy or entry permit. For renewal entry permit or visa copy won’t be needed since you have an emirates ID (this will be needed instead).

You will have to visit our Amer Center which is situated right next to the immigration services of Dubai at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais) or you can contact us directly by clicking on the link given below.

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Steps & procedures for Medical & Emirates ID Typing

Step 1:
  • Contact us on WhatsApp and submit all the required documents. An additional charge for urgent application will be charged upon your request.
Step 2:
  • Visit our Amer Center at DAFZA HQ next to the GDFRA immigration
Step 3:
  • You will be guided in the center after the application.
Step 4:
  • Finally sit back and relax. The ID will be delivered o you

What are the Documents needed for the typing?

  1. Passport Copy –
    1. Front page: this is the page that includes your name, date of birth, date of issue, country of issue & other necessary details
    2. Back Page: This is usually the last page on the passport which has the parents & wife’s name. It also has the exact address of birth and other necessary information.
  2. VISA Document – (For Tourist to residence – Company & Family)
    1. This is a pdf file that you will receive by email when you have entered the country.
  3. Trade License of Company
    1. This is the license that shows that the company has rights to operate in the country
  4. Old VISA (if he was a resident working for a different company)
    1. This is an orange color page stamped on the passport, that states, the job title, the year of issuance and the expiry of it. This should have a canceled stamp on it
  5. New VISA
    1. Like the same as the old VISA without the canceled stamp on it.
  6. Sponsors Emirates ID
    1. For Company It means the emirates ID of the person who is employing you.
    2. For Family, it means the emirates ID for the family sponsor
  7. Sponsor Passport
    1. For Company It means the passport of the person who is employing you.
    2. For Family, it means the passport for the family sponsor
  8. Establishment card
    1. This is a card issued by the company to help with immigration. Since it complies with the GDFRA rules for helping with hiring of new people by the company.

How much is the price for these services?

  1. Medical Typing
    1. New Application
      1. Normal – 302 AED
      2. Urgent – 750 AED
    2. Renewal
      1. Normal – 302 AED
      2. Urgent – 750 AED
  2. Emirates ID Typing
    1. New Application
      1. One Year – 175 AED
      2. Two Year – 275 AE
      3. Three Year – 375 AED
    2. Renewal
      1. One Year – 175 AED
      2. Two Year – 275 AED
      3. Three Year – 375 AED
      4. Ten year (golden VISA) – 1075 AED

Do you have any other inquiries for Emirates ID & Medical typing?

Our consultants will assist you with all the paperwork and information.