What is Managers  Golden VISA? How to do it & how much is it? Where to do it and what all do you need?

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Golden VISA is a very recent scheme introduced by the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) that grants certain individuals a chance to get a 10-year VISA. The people who are eligible have been divided into professions and how you have contributed the country. For serving the country through a world crisis of the pandemic. Doctors have received eligibility for providing exceptional service and risking their lives for the people of UAE. The government decided to grant them eligibility for the 10-year VISA. The next section is for the students or the future of UAE. For students who exceled in their schools, college and received a prolific score for academic achievements are also eligible for the golden VISA. Lastly, for Investors, mangers or business owners who have contributed greatly to the economy. They are eligible for VISA of ten years.

Now that we have understood what the golden VISA is let’s answer the rest of the questions.

Golden VISA is a great initiative and there are a few steps to apply and receive it. Along with that there are a lot of documents required and they are different for each category. The first thing you will have to do is check the eligibility for the golden VISA. You can WhatsApp us to see if you are eligible for each, doctors golden VISA, students, mangers, and Investors.

Weather you work in a Free zone area or in the mainland it alters the application process. If you are a manager whose salary exceeds 50K AED then you will need to send an NOC from the company (or company letterhead), attested degree, six-month bank statement and a labor contract or a salary certificate if you work in a free zone area. Additionally, regardless of the category you fall under you will need to submit documents such as your original passport, original Emirates ID, Health insurance and a passport sized photo.

Once you finish gathering these documents you can only apply through an authorized center for golden VISA. Our Amer Center is an authorized service provider for all types of golden VISA application. It is situated right next to the immigration services of Dubai at DAFZA HQ (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority, Al Twar / Tawar, Qusais) or you can contact us directly to check for eligibility by clicking on the link given below.

To apply or inquire for more information click on the link Whatsap link below.

Steps & procedure for Managers Golden VISA

Step 1:
  • Gather all the mentioned documents in the document checklist and contact us to see if you are eligible for Golden VISA.
Step 2:
  • Note there will be added steps based on what kind of Golden VISA you have applied for and those will be informed to you.
Step 3:
  • Once you receive confirmation on eligibility, visit our Amer center at DAFZA HQ, near the GDFRA immigration office to apply for it.
Step 4:
  • Sit back relax and stay in UAE for the next 10 years.

What are the Documents needed for Mangers Golden VISA?

  1. Original Passport –
    1. This is an official travel document issued by a government of your country that contains your identity. It enables you to travel from one country to another.
  2. Trade License of Company, Free zone, or Mainland
    1. This is the license that shows that the company has rights to operate in the country
  3. Emirates ID:
    1. The Card you receive after applying for VISA that shows that you are a resident in the UAE.
  4. Medical Insurance:
    1. A card which is inter linked with your emirates ID and covers you for some or all of your medical expenses.
  5. Passport Size photo:
    1. A white background photo that is used for most applications and will be posted on the new VISA document.
  6. Attested Highschool/University Degree:
    1. This is your high school or university degree that states you have received a certain grade for studying.
    2. The document is attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs for an equivalency certificate
  7. Auditor’s report:
    1. This is a report that is issued by an auditor that claims and states the company’s financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are free from material misstatement.
  8. NOC Letter from company:
    1. This is a No Objection Certificate issued by the company which communicates that you have the permission from the company to go ahead with this application
  9. Salary Certificate or Labor contract:
    1. This document records the current agreement you have with the company.
    2. It usually states the salary and the terms of your agreement
  10. Bank statement:
    1. This is a statement that shows the money in your current bank account

How much is the Price for the Golden VISA?

  • Students Golden VISA: 2790
  • Doctors Golden VISA: 2790
  • Manager Golden VISA: 2790
  • Investors Golden VISA: 2790



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